M&M’s pancakes for Valentine’s Day

A hand pours maple syrup over a tall stack of buttermilk pancakes with pink and red M&M's and whipped cream against a white background.
M&M's pancakes for Valentine's Day, created for Brunchographers

m&m + pancakes = m&m – & ⠀
(as in, these pancakes are mm, mm, good… for my fellow mathematically challenged friends) ⠀
🥞 A tall stack of buttermilk pancakes with red and pink @mmschocolate, @isignyamerica whipped cream, @wiltoncakes sprinkles, and a healthy serving of maple syrup. ⠀
👍🏻 We took our Valentine’s breakfast to the next level this morning by adding in some of the good stuff – and they melt in your mouth, not in the pan! (Ok, they melt a little in the pan. But it’s worth it.) ⠀

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